Scary thought…





Nicholas Brendon, who played Xander in Buffy, is now as old as Anthony Head was when the show first started.



Oh God I’m so old


The best moment of Dr Who:

When L literally screamed “YES!” and raised her arms in celebration the moment Madame Vastra and Jenny kissed (ok, technically they were sharing air, but… y’know…).  Seriously, I thought she was going to jump up and start running laps around the living room.

She ships it.  Hard.

Oh that’s precious and I am SO HAPPY she gets to grow up in an era when we CAN see something like that on TV!

I was about her age when Ellen first came out, and after that my mom wouldn’t let me watch her sitcom anymore (even though there was definitely no lesbian kissing on the show). So, IDK, this story makes me feel kind of warm and fuzzy and, I guess, hopeful.




to all young tumblr people, i am old enough that my friends and peers are divorced, have children, are in AA, etc. and they all still watch ‘adventure time’ and take 100 selfies a day and overdraft their bank accounts and stuff. so don’t worry, you never have to grow up, you just get adult responsibilities heaped on top of your childish mess.

love, a 32 year old person who has $7 in her bank account and a new $6 pastel pink roll of duct tape.

ilu I love this

Yeah, it’s all ok.

And I’ve canceled or bailed on all three of the social type activities I was going to do on my days off. Go me.

Granted 2 of the 3 were outdoor events and it’s been storming like woah. Also I’m fighting a cold and my ears are all plugged up. So going to tonight’s event - an outdoor movie showing where you sit on the ground - wouldn’t be very enjoyable for me regardless.

And I’ve been dumped.

She says I’m wonderful and she has a great time with me but she can’t see being with me for the long-term - which is apparently the vibe I give off in relationships?

We had a whole weekend full of stuff planned and we’d just finalized plans for a camping trim in a couple of weeks and I was finally starting to feel comfortable with her friends. And then wham, she’s not feeling it anymore.




"Victorian Velociraptor with Violets." Acrylic and liquid gold leaf on Rives BFK. Made by Adam Mazur. 


This is the most beautiful painting. Possibly the most important work of our time. *wipes away a tear*




"Victorian Velociraptor with Violets." Acrylic and liquid gold leaf on Rives BFK. Made by Adam Mazur. 


This is the most beautiful painting. Possibly the most important work of our time. *wipes away a tear*


The Puck Drop in Ann Arbor, MI—2013

This thing, friends, TOTALLY FUCKED MY LIFE this week. Back to back 13-14 hour shifts - and I don’t even get paid extra for it, since I’m on salary.


real friends are ones who understand when you just need to lie in bed all day and take care of yourself with nice things like cake and drugs and star trek



Those of us who do not fit comfortably into either Generation X or Millennials have been discussing this issue, which in turn raised the question of whatever happened to “Generation Y”?  Wasn’t that supposed to be a thing?

It was… and then it just didn’t happen.  Like Betamax.

So based on my determination of the effective lifespan of Betamax, from its introduction in 1975 to its clear failure to capture significant market share by 1984, I HAVE SOLVED FOR GENERATION Y.

If you were born between 1977 and 1986, you are a member of Generation Y: The Dead-End Format Generation.

(Gen Y members may claim dual membership in Gen X or Millennials at their discretion.  Offer also extended to anyone born into a household with a Betamax player prior to 1977 or after 1986.)




haley’s anon got me thinking.

I wonder if the ageist teens on here realise that the “old people” they think are creepy for being fangirls are larger in number than they suspect. I mean, I’m 30, and I’m a raging fangirl in all the good ways and I love it. I have fangirl friends from 16 to 46 and in fangirling we are all on the same level. most, if not all, of us read fanfic. quite a few of my “older” fellow fans write it - and do it almost freakishly well.

in fact, that really good longfic you read that had not only great characterisation but also really lovely, believable sex scenes and a language that flowed really well? odds are that it wasn’t written by a 16-year-old. some great fics are, but I know for sure that in my top ten longfics of all time? maybe one or two was written by someone under 20. half were written by people over or close to 30.

some of the people you fangirl with on a daily basis have husbands, wives, children, jobs and all that other “grown up stuff” you imagine we should be spending our time on instead of flailing about the colour of jensen’s eyes or the perfect shape of jared’s booty. but if you are one of the teens who thinks that “old people” fangirling is gross and creepy, I pity you. because it means you equate getting older with losing enjoyment in the things you love.

I fangirl because it brings me good things. because it’s an escape. because I have a creative outlet. because there are people here who are like me. because it’s just great fun, really. if you think age is in any way relevant in that conversation, you are wrong.

"old" fangirls, out yourself! flaunt your age!


I just turned 34. Many of my fangirl/fanboy friends are older than me. I’m not going to quit fangirling just because I’m getting older! Fuck that noise.

Turning 32 tomorrow! Proud as fuck to be both a fangirl and a scary-ass grown-up.

^What she said - well, I’m turning 33 tomorrow.

*birthday high-fives Moonblossom*